Terms - June 22, 2017

1. You ("the user") use this site ("the site") completely at your own risk. While MyMusic.bio ("The Company") will make reasonable efforts to ensure that no data is lost or destroyed, and will make reasonable efforts to keep the website up 24-7-265, the company takes no responsibility for the loss of any entries you post on this site should data be lost, and does not guarantee that the site will be up 24-7-365. The company recommends that the user regularly print out and/or save any entries he or she wishes to preserve.

2. User agrees that he or she will not use profane language in posts, and will not use the posting features of the site for any purpose other than writing and sharing his/her personal autobiography through music.

3. User may be deleted from the site at the company's discretion. However, the company will make an attempt to copy all of the user's data and send it to him/her to keep.

4. User is not entitled to a refund of any monies paid unless such payment is a duplicate payment made in error for the same amount within a short period of time.

5. User's entries remain the copyright of user.

6. User agrees to only post material or YouTube videos that are authorized for use by the copyright owner, or with permission through body of the law. The user agrees to takes all legal and financial responsibility for the posting of copyrighted material, and agrees to indemnify the company for illegal use of any copyrighted material.

7. Any and all lawsuits must be filed in the state of New York, Westchester County.

8. Prior to the filing of any lawsuit by user against company, user must speak to a company representive by phone in an effort to remedy the sitution outside of the courtroom.

9. These terms may be updated at anytime. Your continued use of the site implies acceptance of any updated terms, with the exception that any major additions or deletions must be emailed to the user.