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Männer sind Schweine

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Jul 29, 2017

SONG TITLE: Männer sind Schweine by Die Ärzte
A BLAST FROM: September 1997

PLACE OF MEMORY: Lugano, Switzerland
EMOTION: Excitement
MEMORY: First, this music video is super cool. Just keep watching, and you'll see. Second, I remember this was the very first music video and true 'European song' that I heard when I first arrived in Lugano, Switzerland to attend Franklin College Switzerland. I had done my first two years in the USA, and wanted to go abroad. I ended up in Lugano at this awesome school (back then anyway--now I question their politics) and I lived at this place called Giardino, across the street from campus, and above Ristorante Giardino. I had four roommates: Luca, from Italy; Rifat, from Switzerland/Bangladesh; Christian, from Germany; and Daniel, from the USA. And in the kitchen, we had a tv with cable, and I turned it on, and there it was, "Allo Mein Schatz, Ich Liebe Dich! Du Bist Die Einziger Fur Mich!" (Hello my dear, I love you, you are the only one for me)--lyrics that are quite funny when you realize that the song is called, "Men are pigs". Anytime I hear this song, it transports me back to this wonderful time of my life when I lived abroad for the first time, and when I first started learning Italian: in case you didn't know, they speak four languages in Switzerland: French, German, Italian, and Romancsh. And no, Switzerland is not Sweden! :D

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