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Allan Theo

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Aug 20, 2017

SONG TITLE: Lola by Allan Theo
A BLAST FROM: May 1998

PLACE OF MEMORY: Hyeres, France
EMOTION: Wistfulness
MEMORY: I spent six weeks living with a French family in the seaside riviera town of Hyères, in the south of France, and studying at the sadly now defunct ELFCA (Élysée de la langue Français de la côte azur--French Language School of the Riviera) on my summer between my Junior and Senior years at Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland. While walking in town (in Hyeres) one day, I found a music shop, and I stopped in. I had heard this song on the radio, and I fell in love with it, but I had no idea what it was. But I could hum it. And so I started humming it for the salesgirl. And... she knew exactly what song it was, and I bought the single. And now I am sharing this song with you too. Hope you like it as much as I do!

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