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The Weather Girls

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Aug 20, 2017

SONG TITLE: It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls
A BLAST FROM: July 2017

PLACE OF MEMORY: Attending police academy in Florida!
EMOTION: Accomplishment
MEMORY: Oh police academy! Overall, police academy was just Army basic training all over again. But a little less grueling, and still with its funny moments--there were definitely some amusing experiences, as I shall explain. Gotta say: getting pepper sprayed in your eyes is absolutely horrible. Face burning---like it's actually melting off. Eyes burning so much that they are plastered shut. And during all this, we had to force the eyes open, find the handcuffs, and arrest the bad guy. Oh what an experience. Well, in the showers, we have sometimes 60 guys all naked and showering all at the same time. At some point, someone just started singing this song. "It's raining men! Hallellujah!" And we all laughed, and started singing along. Anytime I hear this song now, this is what I will remember: a locker room full of far-too-happy naked guys showering and laughing together at police academy while singing about other men. Haha!! Hallellujah!!

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