About MyMusic.bio

Music and memories are two of the most important parts of our lives. Whether we love a song, or hate a song, when it plays, the vivid rush of memories and emotions that flood through our minds is unavoidable. MyMusic.bio helps you remember and document your lifelong memories--both the good and the bad--while sharing with the world the amazing story of your life. And all through the music that has helped shape it. Are you ready to finally write your autobiography, one song at a time? If so, we're looking forward to reading it! Thanks for joining us! -- Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD -- Founder & Programmer

The Team

Programmed using: ruby, rails, rubygems, html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap

Concept and Lead Programmer - Monroe Mann

Mentors and Additional Coders - Dylan Karr, Chris Wagner, CodeMentors.com, FirehoseProject

How It Works

It's simple. You set up your account. You add entries that include the song name, the artist/composer, the year/month of the memory, where it reminds you of, the emotion it most brings up, a journal entry that explains all the memories that hit you when you hear that song, and finally, you add the YouTube video for the song. What next? The more you add, the more full your 'mymusic.bio' becomes, year by year, documenting your life. Your page is unique to you, and you can send your friends to your page to read and listen to your story, either chronologically, or year by year. Want to read the latest entries from everyone around the world? You can do that. Want to read all the entries about one particular artist, or one particular song, from all users around the world? Yup, you can do that too!

About the Founder & Programmer and How MyMusic.Bio Developed!

Hi, I'm Monroe! I'm the founder and lead programmer here at MyMusic.Bio. As a musician myself, as well as an 8-time published book author, I know well the links between music and writing.

How did it come to be? Well, during my life to date, I've done some really interesting things! I was nominated for a bronze star for my service with the US Army in Iraq; I've learned to speak French, Italian, Chinese, and a smattering of many other languages; I've lived in or visited over 30 different countries; I've written and published 8 books (one of which was a Barnes & Noble.com # 1 best seller!); I've shot a number of music videos (for my own songs!) and feature films; I've taught English in China; I've defended accused felons as a public defender attorney in NY; and I've even attended police academy in Florida! On a personal level, I've also had my heart broken far too many times; I've cried a lot; I've laughed a lot; and I've had a lot of big dreams--some came true and, well, some tanked so hard!

What's my point? For every one of those events, there's a memory behind it. And behind every one of those memories is a song (or a bunch of songs) that will INSTANTLY transport me back to that time, that place, and that emotion in less than 5 seconds. All I have to do is hear just a few bars of the song, and BOOM, it's 1982, or 1999, or 2011! All because of the song.

Well, I've always heard people tell me that they want to write their autobiography, but they don't know where to start. Or they think their life isn't that interesting. And I hear from people who want to write a blog, but they have no idea what to write it about. And I hear from people who are sick of Facebook. Every. Single. Day. And then I kept hearing songs from my past, and thinking, "Wow, how cool if I could remember my life and help others remember and document theirs... through perhaps the most influential memory tool ever created: MUSIC!

Further, from a psychological standpoint, if you have a great memory associated with a particular song, it's great when you hear it! It makes you feel great! Well, documenting exactly why it makes you feel great can be a tool to help solidify those happy thoughts in your psyche.

And... if you have a bad memory associated with a song, the trick is NOT to abandon that song and shove it in a drawer. If you do that, you are basically forcing that memory to the depths of your being, rather than trying to work through whatever upsets you about that memory. Perhaps more importantly, if you throw away a song you used to LOVE because of a bad memory, gosh, that's a travesty! So what to do? Listen to it! Write about why the songs saddens you so! And... try to associate new memories with that song. How so? By attaching it to your MyMusic.bio! Air out that dirty laundry baby haha! How do I know it works? Go read my mymusic.bio for the song "Eisberg" from the year 2012 and you'll see what I mean!

And so, as your mymusic.bio is completed, you can share it with friends (and the world), so that others can learn about your awesome life, and at the same time, learn about the music you have been exposed to over the years as well. Cool right? Well, I think it's super duper cool, and I hope that you think it's cool (and super fun!) too!

Truly, I can't wait to read YOUR mymusic.bio!

Is It Free?

Right now, the first 15 entries are free. After that, it costs just $15 per year for unlimited entries. Why charge? Because it costs money to host this site, and it takes a lot of time administering it and handling all the backend. Also, many users are asking for additional cool features, and I cannot do it all alone, as a hobby--I need to hire a staff to assist me, and they cost money. Most importantly, if you think this is a cool idea and think you'd enjoy writing your autobiography through music, I figure it's not so terrible for me to make a little money off of this noblely cool endeavor! Thanks for your support!

Current Features

Potential In-Development Features

If you like one or more of these ideas below, tell me! I am on the fence about some of them, but if there is enough demand, I will consider these features, plus any others you think would make the app even cooler.