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Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Jul 09, 2017

SONG TITLE: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!
A BLAST FROM: July 1985

PLACE OF MEMORY: On the back porch in Port Chester!
EMOTION: Goofiness
MEMORY: Anyone who grew up in the 80s knows this song. I was about 8 years old when this song came out. I remember my older sister Emily had the Wham lunchbox, Wham t-shirt, Wham deluxe record, Wham EVERYTHING. Needless to say, she played this song constantly, particularly on the back porch during summer, and dancing away! Yeah, it's totally a goofy song, but hey, goofiness WAS the 80s. Oh, she also had the full Wham! music video collection on VHS--oh wait, that must have been in the late 80s, because Careless Whisper was on it too. Hmmm...

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Jul 09, 2017

SONG TITLE: On The Beautiful Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II
A BLAST FROM: March 2014

PLACE OF MEMORY: In Vienna with Marketka!
EMOTION: Happiness
MEMORY: Before I moved to Shanghai, China to teach English and study Chinese, I spent three months in Europe. During part of that time, I bought a eurorail pass and traveled all throughout Europe from Oslo, Norway all down through Eastern Europe, and then back to Rome, Italy. One day, I was in Prague, Czech Republic (which I think is now called Czechia), and I got on the train south for Croatia or Slovenia, or whatever is below Czechia. It was very late at night as the train was traveling along through the middle of Czechia. I saw a girl who was by herself, crying. Very beautiful. Tall. I asked what was wrong. We ended up talking. I ended up giving her a big hug. Eventually, I discovered that she was getting off in Brno, the second largest city in Czechia. On a whim, I said, "Can I get off with you?" She was so surprised, and didn't believe me. But she believed me when the train stopped, and... I jumped off too! She was kind enough to let me crash at her place, and I stayed for a day or two, and she gave me a tour of the city. Even better? We made plans for a second date the following week: we would both take a train from different directions and meet in Vienna, Austria for the weekend. And we did! And while there, we went to see the Viennese orchestra play! And the very last song played? On the Beautiful Blue Danube! She and I had a wonderful time. We stayed in touch on Skype while I was in China, and briefly while I was back in NY, but now, we've sadly lost touch. Hey Marketka, if you are reading this: get in touch will you!

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Jul 09, 2017

SONG TITLE: Love & Affection by Nelson
A BLAST FROM: September 1990

PLACE OF MEMORY: Going to Middle School in Maine
EMOTION: Laughter
MEMORY: Hahaha, this song reminds me of my goofy middle school days when I was trying desperately to get a girlfriend. I wasn't the most popular person in school, and I would sing this song, imagining that it was me singing: "There she goes... just like an angel. Seems like forever that she's been on my mind. But nothing has changed, she thinks I'm a waste of her time. Oh there she goes, she don't know what she's missing. Can't she see I'll never give up the fight..." It was the perfect anthem for the guy who just could never get the girl. Looking back, I don't remember if their hair was cool or uncool back then (probably cool!) but I know for sure that if I had their hair, I would have been picked on even more than I usually was picked on. :D Truly, though, this song just made me feel great when I was a kid. "I can't live without your love and affection!" The only girl who I have actually ever felt that way about is Louisa Reimers (see 2011), but it's been nearly 5 years since that ended, and I guess the truth is: I CAN live without her love and affection! (wink)

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Jul 09, 2017

SONG TITLE: Tiger Boo by Tiger Boo
A BLAST FROM: August 2011

PLACE OF MEMORY: The Attic at the house in Port Chester
EMOTION: Laughter
MEMORY: This song is sooo catchy and so cute! It's all in German, and it reminds me of the first two months of my relationship with Louisa Reimers, the German girl I met on the beach while I was a lifeguard that summer, 2011. I remember that she was the one who introduced it to me, and then, I fell in love with it so much that eventually, she hated the song, because all I would do was sing it to her... ALL... THE... TIME... I challenge you to listen to it and not smile. Soooooo adorable!

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Jul 09, 2017

SONG TITLE: Eisberg by Andreas Bourani
A BLAST FROM: October 2011

PLACE OF MEMORY: Altenholz, Germany
EMOTION: Bittersweetness
MEMORY: I started off loving this song until I would cry every time I heard it. Thankfully, I don't cry anymore when I hear it--I just smile. Long story short, Andreas Bourani is a German singer. This song on its own is simply beautiful, and proof for anyone that the German language can sound so pure and pretty. Well, this song always reminds me of this girl, Louisa Reimers, who is... German. I met her when I was lifeguarding on the beach early that summer, in July 2011. I ended up going to Germany to visit her, and that's when I first heard the song--in my hotel room, while watching television at the Hotel Waffenschmiede (in Kiel). I fell so hard for Louisa, and for all intents and purposes was my first and only 'girlfriend'. We had quite the romance for about a year, and then, it ended absolutely horribly. Even to this day, I still think of her, and my memories of her actually cause problems with most of my relationships today, haha. One of the great memories of that time, however, is this song. I listen to it now and it reminds me of the best parts of my relationship with her, and remind me of my trips to Germany to see her, and her trips to New York to see me. To this day, I am saddened that it didn't work out, but I have this song as a wonderful memento of what was, and perhaps, of what might have been. This song, truly, is perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time. I can listen to it over and over and it makes me so happy.

Monroe Mann in United States of America posted this on Jul 09, 2017

SONG TITLE: Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
A BLAST FROM: December 2016

PLACE OF MEMORY: The top of Hollywood
EMOTION: Motivation
MEMORY: My friend Dennis Hurley is one of the dancers in this video. He and I go way back to the early 2000s when we were both living in the NYC area, kickin ass in showbiz. I think he first found me after reading my book, "The Theatrical Juggernaut"--we became fast friends. The first time I heard this song was around winter, 2016, when he sent me the video link, and long before it had become a worldwide hit. From the moment the song started, I knew I loved it, and the hook was so inspiring, "Can't Stop The Feeling! DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE!" And seeing Dennis (the albino supermarket employee) in the video inspired me even more! Dennis was doing it! Out in Los Angeles, in a music video with Justin Timberlake! Doesn't get much cooler than that. I asked him, "How did you get the gig?" He said, "I responded to a very low-key casting on Craigslist looking for real people who can dance for a music video." There was no mention of Timberlake at all. And Dennis, like the rockstar he is, didn't let his ego get in the way of being a part of an indie no-name music video. The result? He was rewarded for his humility. And I'm smiling now as I write this. Why? Because it's so inspiring, and Dennis (and Justin) have motivated me to continue to keep my Hollywood dreams alive! Congrats Dennis! I will always think of you whenever this song plays!

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